Pilot Advanced Transformers
With an objective to provide a system with a planned load shedding transformer without earthing of any winding terminal, recently, Vidhia Electrotrans Industries developed Pilot Advanced Transformer (PAT). PAT is part of a system developed jointly with Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd. (UGVCL) where the main objective is to provide a system with a highly cost effective, maintenance free and safe planned load shedding transformer.

By developing this path breaking system, UGVCL and Vidhia Electrotrans Industries have jointly applied for Patent registration as this is first of its kind system developed with a planned load shedding transformer that provides energy conservation by around 30% in normal lighting surveillance and also provides reduction in no load losses of the distribution transformer by around 66%. This means a significant saving of energy by eliminating misuse of energy using phase converter at the approximate amount of around 90%.

With this most innovative system, Vidhia Electrotrans Industries proudly ventures into new phase of electric power supply through our invention of Pilot Advanced Transformer. (PAT)
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