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Dr. Bandita has several publications and presentations to her credit.  Some of them are Total laparoscopic hysterectomy a study of 25 cases, Paper presentation on renal diseases in pregnancy,   A case study on huge ovarian cystadenoma.

Some international publications include a rare case of sclerosing ovarian tumor in a young woman and a rare case of uterine sex cord tumor in patient with multiple fibroid.

There are some international achievements which includes world record in Guinness book, for largest number Pap smear for cervical cancer in a day at Fortis, Vashi

Speaking at social events Dr. Bandita has discussed many significant topics. She has been instrumental in creating awareness regarding breast and cervical cancer in the society through various trusts and educational institutions. Running an educational programme for adolescence for cervical cancer awareness and STDs, Organised menopausal camps and BMD camps for menopausal females.

Receiving diploma in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology, from Dr. A.G.Schmutzler. HOD university center of Reproductive Medicine, Kiel, Germany.

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Mammography Camp

Mammography Camp 2018

Stress Management Sessionat Business School

Launch of Adolescent Clinic Teenocare

Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Program Meassam Bhawan

Pcos Awareness Sessions At Schools

Osteoporosis Screening Camp 2018

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